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MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU (Stidham) (Stidham) as recorded by Gale Storm 1956 Now darlin', you should know That I'm really in love with you; Even though you've forsaken me, My heart will always belong to you! Since you've been gone, baby, I wonder if your love was ever true. I've tried to stop lovin' you But my heart still belongs to you! Darlin', I've tried hard to forget, But everything reminds me of you! I guess I'll have to go through life alone Because My heart belongs to you! Oh, you don't belong to me any more, But I'm always dreamin' of you! I really hope you come back home to me, You know my heart belongs to you! There are many things in this world to love, But darlin', most of all I love you, And I'm hopin' you'll return to me, Because my heart belongs to you! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2014)


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