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MY HONEYMOON MAN (Words by Lucille M. Sanford / Music by Harry H. Williams, 1913) When the night comes softly creeping and the big bright moon a peeping Honey moon man, my honey man down on me his eyes are winking as with ardent love he's blinking Honey moon man my honey man does he love me true I wonder on this thought I often ponder as into his starry eyes I gaze and sigh all night long I am so lonely cause I want you and you only my honey moon man, my honey man When the shades of night are falling can you hear my heart a calling Honey moon man, my honey man? It is now the time of wooing It is now such hearts are cooing Honey moon man my honey man Down thro' lovers lane they're strolling while the evening bells are tolling and I'm sad at heart as on their joys I gaze come to me love with caresses hold me close and smooth my tresses My honey moon man, my honey man My honey moon man My honey moon man Won't you come down here to me while the stars are shining for you I'm pining I want to sit right on your knee, every things asleeping all the crickets gone to rest while I wait my heart goes out to you come down I'm lonely I want you only I want you now my honey moon man.


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