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MY REVERIE Larry Clinton Bea Wain w Larry Clinton & his Orch rec 1938 also- Bing Crosby 38 Ray Eberle w The Glenn Miller Orch 38 Artie Shaw 38 Mildred Bailey 38 Tony Bennett 55 Ella Fitzgerald 61 Our love is a dream that, in my reverie, I can see that this love was meant to be. Only a poor fool, Never schooled in the whirlpool Of romance, could be so cruel As you are to me. My dreams are as worthless as tin to me, Without you life will never begin to be. So love me, As I love you in my reverie, Make my dreams a reality, Let's dispense with formality, Come to me in my reverie. (Contributed by Peter Akers - May 2008)


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