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MY SHINING HOUR Harold Arlen (m) Johnny Mercer (l) 1943 Liza Minnelli rec 1965 also- Frank Sinatra w Axel Stordahl & his Orch '44 Chris Connor '56 2002 Ella Fitzgerald w Billy May & his Orch '61 John Coltrane '61 Frank Sinatra w Billy May & his Orch '79 Peggy Lee '88 Eugene Baird w Glen Gray & his Casa Loma Orch This moment, this minute, And each second in it, Will leave a glow upon the sky, And as time goes by, It will never die! This will be my shining hour, Calm and happy and bright. In my dreams, your face will flower Through the darkness of the night. Like the lights of home before me, Or an angel watching o'er me, This will be my shining hour, Till I'm with you again, Till I'm with you again. (Contributed by Peter Akers - December 2008)


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