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MY TRUE LOVE Jack Scott I prayed to the Lord to send me a love He sent me an angel from heaven above The stars in the sky he placed in her eyes She is my true love The touch (my true love) of her hand (my true love) Captured (my true love) my soul (my true love) And the kiss (my true love) from her lips (my true love) Set my heart (my true love) aglow (my true love) And I know (my true love) from heaven (my true love) From heaven (my true love) above (my true love) Came my, my true love Darling I love you I'll always be true My prayers, they were answered When the Lord sent me you With, love and devotion That I never knew Until the Lord above sent me you And I thank (my true love) the heavens (my true love) The heavens above (my true love) For sending my true love (My true love)


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