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THE NATIVITY (from 'King of Kings' [1960] ) Lyrics: Harry Robert Wilson - Music: Miklos Rosza Miklos Rosza Orchestra and Chorus Long ago as the angels did sing, There was born in a manger the King of Kings. Three wise men followed a star, Bearing gifts for the Babe from afar. Shepherds tending their sheep on a dark night Looked up and saw a great light. The light shone down on the place where He lay Within a stable so bare. The heavens rang with a song full of love In praise of the Holy Child so fair. Oh, glory be to the Father on high, And glory to the Son, Jesus - May peace on earth fill heaven again As we sing of good will to all men. Oh, lullaby, little One, softly sleep, While angels their vigil keep. Oh, lullaby, little One, softly rest While lying so gently on Mary's breat. And so may all people kneel down and pray; Worship the heavenly King. Oh, joyful the song that we sing. Alleluia, Alleluia! (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars - March 2010)


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