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NINE LITTLE MILES FROM TEN-TEN-TENNESSEE Al Sherman / Al Lewis / Con Conrad (m & l) ) 1930 As sung by Billy Smith (with Duke Ellington and His Cotton Club Orchestra) November 1930 (Orchestral bridge to start) Gotta go, go, go, gotta be, be, be Where somebody waits for me Five-six-seven-eight-nine little miles From ten-ten-Tennessee. Gotta step, step, step, got to see, see, see Someone sweet as she could be Five-six-seven-eight-nine little miles From ten-ten-Tennessee. I'm on my way Home to stay... Never more to stray I gotta kiss, kiss, kiss, waitin' there for me Will I get it, yesiree Five-six-seven-eight-nine little miles From ten-ten-Tennessee. (Orchestral bridge to end) Notes: Duke Ellington, an American born in Washington DC USA, was one of the pillars in the history of jazz music. He was a brilliant musician, pianist and bandleader. Ellington even appeared in a film, for which he wrote the soundtrack [Anatomy Of A Murder]. He composed thousands of songs for a variety of sources within the entertainment industry for over 50 years. He eventually was known by the moniker 'Duke', apparently for his very genteel ways. It would be hard to pick his most popular songs, but two of them might be SOPHISTICATED LADY and SATIN DOLL. (Transcribed by David Story June 2014)


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