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NOBODY KNOWS WHAT I AM THINKING Harry Hemsley Harry Hemsley To say exactly what I think Dad says is impolite, Unless it's complimentary, That doesn't seem quite right. For when my aunt she starts to sing, You'd think she was in pain, And if I say "That's beautiful" She starts to sing again. Nobody knows what I'm thinking, Every think that I think is my own, I guess I would get a good spanking, If the things that I think of were known. At home I've a new baby brother, He does nothing but gurgle and drink, They say he's an angel - and I say so too - But nobody knows what I think. Sometimes when we have visitors, There isn't half a scene, If I'm not extra tidy, And my hands are none too clean. My Daddy he gets vexed with me, But not until they've gone He says he's quite ashamed of me, Because my clothes are torn. Nobody knows what I'm thinking, When sent to the bathroom to wash, I think lots of bad words, like "Dash it" And "Blessed", and "Bother" and "Gosh", Once I said "Rats", and my Daddy, He whacked me until I was sore, If he'd heard the bad words that I thinked of then I bet he'd have whacked me some more. (Contributed by James Went - February 2007)


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