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NOW I KNOW (Dinah Shore) Harold Arlen (m) Ted Koehler (l) 1943 as rec by Dinah Shore (a capella) 1944 also rec by Anne Shelton w Wally Stott & his Orch '57 I used to be bewildered, my outlook on life wasn't clear; Then, all at once, The mist seemed to disappear! Now I know Why I go Walking round in a wonderful glow; There's a lot That I'm not Conscious of' But this feeling must be love! Now I know Why it's so, Why I'm alive And I thrive On the thrill! (on the thrill) Here am I, Riding high On a hill, Far away from the usual drone, With a world of my own At my feet, All because fate was heavenly sweet To have planned that we meet! (that we meet) Never dreamed In my wildest dream That I'd fall so wholeheartedly! Now I know love is all that it's cracked up to be! (Contributed by Peter Akers - February 2010)


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