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13 STEPS LEAD DOWN Elvis Costello When nobody knows she puts on secret clothes And lies in the meadow with her hands tied behind her back I won't refuse if you know how to use it Just stop playing that ugly drug music CHORUS: Thirteen steps lead down Thirteen steps lead down There's commoners and kings And everyone's a prisoner of Paper and glue And a decent pair of scissors So tonight I'm drinking to your health Because I just can't stand myself Thirteen steps lead down [4x] She stands and fails On fashion fingernails Her lovers have her walking 'round On instruments of torture And one of them is poisonous The other is a thief they say So what one could give to her The other cannot take away When nobody knows she puts on secret clothes And lies in her splendour for a picture opportunity Cover up that bruise, put on patent leather shoes Just stop playing that bad mood music CHORUS Thirteen steps lead down [4x]


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