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29 WAYS (Willie Dixon) Willie Dixon - 1956 Koko Taylor - Marc Cohn - 1991 Johnny Littlebush - 1991 Peter Garstenauer - 1995 Foxfire - 1995 James Belushi - 1998 Dr. Feelgood - 2000 I got 29 ways to make it to my baby's door I got 29 ways to make it to my baby's door And if she needs me bad I can find about two or three more I got one through the basement Two down the hall And when the going gets tough I got a hole in the wall CHORUS: I can come through the chimney like Santa Claus Go through the window and that ain't all A lot of good ways I don't want you to know I even got a hole in the bedroom floor CHORUS I got a way through the closet behind her clothes A way through the attic that no one knows A master key that fits every lock A hidden door behind the grandfather clock CHORUS


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