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47 MILES (TO THE GEORGIA LINE) (Jack Blanchard / Misty Morgan) Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan - 1976 The sunís cominí up behind a cloud, I hope it doesnít rain Somewhere near I can hear the rumble of a train I drove all night, but thatís all right, Iíll soon be feeliní fine Iím only forty-seven Miles from the Georgia line Up above the trees the birds all head for warmer weather They donít know the warm love glow when we get back together I cried all night, but thatís all right, you made it just in time Youíre only forty-seven miles from the Georgia line Weíre a little bit wiser, a little bit older Now we know that life without love is a whole lot colder Been a long time cominí home, canít wait till I get you alone Thereís only forty-seven miles to the Georgia line The sun is gone behind a cloud, the sky is turning gray Iíve been saving all my love for this rainy day Iíll be watchiní for you at the door, beneath the Georgia pines Thereís only forty-seven miles to the Georgia line (Contributed by - November 2010)


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