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OHIO (Bernstein) Leonard Bernstein (m) Betty Comden (l) Adolph Green (l) 1953 from "Wonderful Town" 1953 musical New York sung by Rosalind Russell & Edith Adams 1955 London sung by Pat Kirkwood (Ruth) & Shani Wallace (Eileen) as recorded by Pat Kirkwood and Shani Wallace with Cyril Ornadel & his Orchestra January 18th 1955 London also recorded by Doris Day (chorus only) [both] Why oh why oh why oh, Why did I ever leave Ohio? Why did I wander To find what lies yonder, When life was so cosy at home? Wonderin' while I wander, Why did I fly, why did I roam? Oh why oh why oh Did I leave Ohio? Maybe I'd better go (Eileen) home (Ruth)O-H-I-O [both] Maybe I'd better go home! [Ruth] Now listen Eileen, Ohio was stifling, We just couldn't wait to get out o' the place! With mom saying, "Ruth, what no date for this evening?", [Eileen} And pop with, "Eileen do be home dear by ten!". [both] Ugh! [Ruth] Those gossipy neighbours, and everyone yappin' who's goin' with who! [Eileen] And dating those drips that I've known since I'm four! [Ruth} The Kiwanis Club Dance - [Eileen] On the basketball floor! [Ruth] Cousin Maude with her lectures on sin - [both] What a bore! [Eileen] Jerry Black! [Ruth] Cousin Min! [Eileen] Ezra Nye! [Ruth] Hannah Finn! [Eileen] Just hopeless! [Ruth] Babbity! [Eileen] Stuffy! [Ruth] Provincial! [both] Thank heavens we're free! Why oh why oh why oh Did we ever I leave Ohio? Wonderin' while we wander, Why did we fly, why did we roam? Oh why oh why oh Did we leave Ohio? Maybe we'd better go (Eileen) home (Ruth)O-H-I-O [both] Maybe we'd better go home! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2012)


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