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OH MR. DREAM MAN (PLEASE LET ME DREAM SOME MORE) (Jimmie V. Monaco, 1917) Talk about your funny dreams, I had one of them, it seems, And it made me feel so goody, goody, 'T wasn't sad. Nothing bad Just about some one that I could love. If this dream does not come true, Then I know what I will do; I will kneel down on my knees and pray until I dream and dream and this I'll say: I'd be satisfied with life, Just to be his little wife, I would and squeeze and tease and please him Night and day, Till he'd say: "You're the one that I've been looking for." Oh, I wish he would be mine, I would love him all the time! Then I know I'd be so happy, happy, No more would I pray and need to say: Oh, Mister Dream Man, please let me dream some more, Just like the dream I had the night before, I dreamt about a lovin' man, he was so sweet! And when he started lovin' me, my heart began to beat, And when he kissed me, H-m-m-m-m-m! He made me ask for more. He's a prize I idolize his great big dreamy dark brown eyes, Oh, Mister Dream Man I want to dream some more.


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