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OKAY TOOTS Walter Donaldon (m) Gus Kahn (l) 1934 as rec by Eddie Cantor Sep 12th 1934 Los Angeles also rec by- Dolly Dawn w George Hall & his Orch '34 The Dorsey Bros Orch '34 Harry Roy & his Band I know a couple of newlyweds, They've been newlyweds for years! Just a pair of spooners, Sunny honeymooners! This happy couple live next to me And it's music to my ears, When after every kiss, I hear him sayin' this; Okay Toots, If you like me like I like you, We know nobody new will do, It's okay Toots! Okay Toots, If you say yes and I say yes, Then if you say no then it's no go, It's okay Toots! You know that I'm in favour of Whatever you do; I've tasted the flavour of One kiss, and then I knew; It was okay Toots, If you wash dishes, I dry dishes; I dry dishes, I'm ambitious, Okay Toots! Okay my little Toots, Say, if you say pictures I say movies, holding hands is nice at movies, Okay Toots! Okay Toots, If you say rumba I try rumba, Though at rumba I'm a bumba, Okay Toots! I'll bring all my dough to you, I'll keep every vow; I'll never say no to you, You've got a yes-man now! When it's okay my little Toots, If we have babies I mind babies, If we have nursey I might nursey, Okay Toots, Okay Toots, (Contributed by Peter Akers - April 2010)


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