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OLD COUNTRY, THE (Nathaniel Adderley / Curtis R Lewis as recorded by Nancy Wilson 1961 Hey, you old man sittin' By the lonesome road, It's 'bout time you're quittin' Life's old tiresome load! You're so sad and lonely, Got no family, Just an old man from Some old country. You ain't sired no chillun, Ain't none by your side, You left all your women, Ain't you satisfied? Don't just sit there clingin' To a memory Of a love left in Some old country! Don't nobody need you, old man? 'Cause nobody calls you name! Nobody's gonna whisper, "What a doggone shame!" So the cold grim reaper Has no sympathy, You won't see your homeland, 'Cept through me! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2017)


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