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OLD NEW HAMPSHIRE Official Song of the State of New Hampshire (Written by Dr. John F. Holmes / Composed by Maurice Hoffmann) With a skill that knows no measure, From the golden store of Fate God, in His great love and wisdom, Made the rugged Granite State; Made the lakes, the fields, the forests; Made the Rivers and the rills; Made the bubbling, crystal fountains Of New Hampshire's Granite Hills Refrain: Old New Hampshire, Old New Hampshire Old New Hampshire Grand and Great We will sing of Old New Hampshire, Of the dear old Granite State Builded he New Hampshire glorious From the borders to the sea; And with matchless charm and splendor Blessed her for eternity. Hers, the majesty of mountain; Hers, the grandeur of the lake; Hers, the truth as from the hillside Whence her crystal waters break Refrain


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