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ONCE IN A WHILE From "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975) Based on the London Musical "The Rocky Horror Show" - 1973 (Richard O'Brien) Barry Bostwick Also recorded by: Tim Flavin; Abigale Haness. BRAD: Once in a while, she don't want to call you Speaking on the telephone And once in your life, she won't want to know you You look around The one you've found, she is gone And that's all the time that it takes For a heart to turn to stone The sweeter the wine The harder to make the break You hear something about someone You'd thought you'd known So baby don't cry like there's no tomorrow After the night there's a brand new day And there'll be no pain, and no more sorrow So wash your face And phone my place, it'll be okay And that's all the time that it takes For a heart to beat again So give me a sign That a lover makes You look around The one you've found is back again


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