ONE MEAT BALL (L. Singer / H. Zaret) Recorded by : Bjorn Berge; Ry Cooder; Bing Crosby; Baby Jane Dexter; Ella Jenkins; Mustard's Retreat; Ann Rabson; Red Clay Ramblers; Annie Ross; The Andrew Sisters; Tinklers; Dave Van Ronk; Josh White Jr. Little man walked up and down, To find an eatin' place in town. He looked the menu thru and thru, To see what a dollar bill might do. CHORUS: One meat ball, One meat ball, One meat ball, All he could get was one meat ball. He told that waiter near at hand, The simple dinner he had planned. The guests were startled one and all, To hear that waiter loudly call. Repeat CHORUS Little man felt so ill at ease, He said: "Some bread Sir, if you please." The waiter hollered down the hall: You get no bread with your one meat ball. Little man felt so very bad, One meat ball is all he had. And in his dreams he can still hear that call You get no bread with your one meat ball. (Contributed by Nancy - July 2003)