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ONE MORE TIME TO LIVE (John Lodge) The Moody Blues Look out of my window See the world passing by See the look in her eye One more time to live and I have made it mine Leave the wise to write for they write worldy rhymes and he who wants to fight begins the end of time For I have riches more than these For I have riches more than these Desolation Creation (Tell me someone why there's only confusion) Evolution (Tell me someone that this is all an illusion) Pollution (Tell me someone) Saturation (Tell me someone) Population Annihilation Revolution (Tell me someone why this talk of revolution) confusion (Tell me someone when we're changing evolution) Illusion (Tell me someone) Conclusion (Tell me someone) Starvation Degredation Humiliation Contemplation (Changes in my life) Inspiration Elation (Changes in my life) Salvation (Changes in my life) Communication Compassion Solution Look out on the hedgerow As the world rushes by Hear the birds sing such One more tree will fall how strong the growing vine Turn the earth to sand and still commit no crime How one thought will live provide the others die For I have riches more than these For I have riches more than these (Repeat middle part) (Repeat verse 1) (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - March 2003)


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