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ONE, TWO, BUTTON YOUR SHOE Arthur James (m) Johnny Burke (l) 1936 as rec by George Elrick w Henry Hall & The BBC Dance Orch January 1937 also rec by - Bing Crosby w Georgie Stoll & his Orch '36 Billie Holiday & her Orch '36 Rebecca Kilgore w The Keith Ingham Sextet 2001 Les Allen Shep Fields & his Orch Geraldo & his Orch Cyril Grantham Jack Hylton & his Orch Tony Pastor w Artie Shaw & his Orch Dickie Valentine One, two, Button your shoe, Put on your coat and hat; I play a game like that While I'm waiting for you. Three, four, Open the door, Hurry for heaven's sake; I count each step you take While I'm waiting for you. Five, six, My heart does tricks As I picture all your charms. Seven, eight, You're at the gate And you walk into my arms! Nine, ten, Kiss me again, Tell me you get a thrill, Just as I hope you will While I'm waiting for you. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - August 2012)


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