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ON MY WAY OUT (Jimmy Rule, Morton Downey) Eric Winstone & His Band V. Benny Lee Recorded 8th August 1945 Also recorded by: Julia Lee Sammy Kaye ( possibly but not verified) On my way out, I leave my heart with you On my way out, for you found someone new Funny how the moon and stars Leave the summer sky Or can it be only mist Clouding the corner of my eye On my way out, I wish you happiness Here is my hand, may you have all the best But as for me itís plain to see Beyond the shadow of a doubt Iím still in love with you on my way out. Forget the talks, those moonlight walks And all the things we dreamed about Iíll take them all with me on my way out My darling, Iím still in love with you on my way out. Transcribed from John Wrightís 78 RPM Record Collection (Contributed by Bill Huntley - January 2013)


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