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OOH BANG JIGGLY JANG! (Bob Merrill) Doris Day - 1955 Alma Cogan - 1955 Raquel Rastenni - 1956 He's diff'rent from the other boys I know... Some have ginger and some have snap Some have this'n and some have that But my guy, all he's got is Ooh Bang Jiggly Jang! (Ding! Ding! - Bell Sound) Some have kisses that taste so sweet Taste like taters or taste like meat But my guy, what a flavour Ooh Bang Jiggly Jang! (Ding! Ding!) My Bonnie lies over the (Ding! Ding!) My Bonnie lies over the Ooh Bang, Jiggly Jang! (Ding! Ding!) There's nobody lies like my Bonnie But even though my Bonnie lies to me I forgive him 'cause... Some are charmin' and some have looks Some have money and some read books But my guy, he's got so much Ooh Bang Jiggly Jang! (Ding! Ding!)


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