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OUT OF THE EAST (Jean Havez / Joe Rosey, 1918) Pale moon in the Eastern sky Look down where Arabs lie Smile down on the cavalcade Wake not little dark eyed maid Dreaming of a Prince so bold High up on a throne of gold Singing in a vision rare Pleading to his dream love fair Far far from the desert sands Yonder in the vineyard lands There dear is the place we'll go There dear where the breezes blow Palm trees wave a welcome dear Swaying in the sunlight clear Blue skies with an opal glow Calling bid us gently go Oriental maiden Be my jewel laden Princess all array'd in glory Dream of love's sweet longing Tender fancies thronging Told in royal song and story See the Sphinx beguiling Pyramids are smiling To my sweet heart while in slumber All the sentimental All the Oriental Dreams are born Out of the East. (Contributed by Monique - May 2004)


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