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PADRE Jim Reeves Padre, padre In my grief I turn to you The day that we wed you blessed us and said "May heaven bestow you grace" There in that holy place We shared our first embrace Our cottage was small but richer than all The palaces of a king All day the birds would sing Our hearts were full of Spring Padre, Padre What happened to our love so true? Padre, Padre In my grief I turn to you Then she came along and sang him her song And won him with honeyed lies She of the golden eyes Not it's my heart that cries So I kneel and pray the hours away And weary my heart has grown Wond'ring where love has flown Counting my tears alone Padre, Padre Please tell me where my love can be Padre, Padre Pray . . . for my love . . . and me. (Transcribed by Ruthie Zimmerlin - November 2003)


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