PAL OF MY CRADLE DAYS (Piantadosi - 1925) Recorded by: Rose Marie; Ann Breen; Jimmy Rosselli; Gloria Hunniford. What a friend, what a pal, only now I can see, How you dreamed and you planned all for me, I never knew what a mother goes through, There's nothing that you didn't do. Chorus: Pal of my cradle days, I've needed you always. Since I was a baby upon your knee, You sacrificed everything for me. I stole the gold from your hair. I put the silver threads there, I don't know any way I could ever repay, Pal of my cradle days. Greatest friend, dearest pal, It was me who caused you Every sorrow and heartache you knew, Your face so fair I have wrinkled with care I placed every line that is there Chorus