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PAPA-DE-DA-DA Clarence Todd / Clarence Williams / Spencer Williams Eva Taylor w Clarence Williams & his Blue Five rec Mar 4th 1925 New York also- Virginia Liston The Buster Bailey Trio Clarence Williams '30 Oh Papa-de-da-da, he's a lady's man, Oh Papa-de-da-da, meet us in the va, Papa-de-da-da, watch him clap his hands, He can play his piano grand! Papa-de-da-da, he's a lady's man, Papa-de-da-da, always plays the blues. Neat and keen, That's what I mean, Calls all the gals in New Orleans. Papa de, da, de-da-da, He's the hottest man in town! He's nice and tall, Never small! Red hot mamas, He cools them all! (Contributed by Peter Akers - August 2008)


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