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PENNY SERENADE (Melle Weersma / Arthur William Hallifax) Recorded by: Al Bowlly; Vic Damone; Geraldo; Wills "Gator" Jackson; Sammy Kaye; Guy Lombardo; Mantovani; Alfred Piccaver; Dick Todd. Once I strayed ‘neath the window Of a lovely, lovely lady And she smiled while I softly played My penny serenade Si si si, you can hear it for a penny Si si si, just a penny serenade In her eyes shone the tender dawn of love And sweet surrender As for me, in my heart I played a lovers’ serenade Si si si, hear my love song for a penny Si si si, just a penny serenade In a dream so divine, she was mine No word had been spoken When I woke from my dreams, she was gone No word had been spoken Still I pray that wherever she may be She will remember In her heart, she will always hear My penny serenade (Si si si) Si si si (You can hear it for a penny) You can hear it for a penny (Si si si} Si si si (Just a penny serenade) Just a penny serenade Just a penny serenade


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