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PENT UP IN A PENTHOUSE Spencer Williams (m) Tommie Connor (l) as recorded by Thomas "Fats" Waller & his Continental Rhythm Aug 21st 1938 London All pent up in a penthouse, Table laid ready for two. Our date was for seven, It's now past eleven! Oh baby, what's happened to you? All pent up in a penthouse, Cocktails all ready to shake, The dinner's untasted, The evenin's been wasted, Is this your idea of a break, huh? I keep phonin' your apartment, Keep on gettin' no reply! How long must I wait While you celebrate With some other lucky guy? All pent up in a penthouse, By midnight if you don't arrive, I'll rush to window and I'll throw the table, The dinner, the cocktails, the orchids, and maybe myself On Riverside Drive! (Send me on out there!) (Yes yes!) (Send me on out there!) (scat) (Oh get on there, smitty smit!) (Oh my!) (That's your phone ringin' baby, that's the light tinkle!) (Come on with it, yes yes!) (scat) Down on Riverside Drive, yes! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2012)


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