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PERMANENTLY LONELY (Willie Nelson) Timi Yuro - 1963 Giancarlo Guardabassi - 1965 (Italian title "Un Uomo Tanto Solo" / Italian lyrics: Franco Migliacci)) Billie Joe Spears - 1974 Willie Nelson - 1982 Phosphorescent - 2009 The Little Willies - 2012 Don't be concerned, it's time I learned That those who play with fire get burned But I'll be alright in a little while And, and you'll be permanently lonely Don't be too quick to pity me Don't salve my heart with sympathy 'Cause I'll be alright in a little while And you'll be permanently lonely The world looks on with wonder and pity at your kind 'Cause it knows that the future Is not very pretty for your kind Your kind will always be runnin' And wonderin' what's happened to hearts That you've broken and left all alone But we'll, we'll be alright in a little while, yes we will And you'll be permanently lonely (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2015)


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