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PINEAPPLE FACE Peter Hook Peace, in peace. Always live in peace. We live in peace, in peace. Always, always. I'm trying and I see a form of love. Even though I fight it, I can't hide. With all the feelings in my head, and all the times that I have tried. Will anybody give me what I need? Put all my faith in God above. This time I'm falling just for you. I guess I'm hungry for that love. I want you. I need you. And all the things you're asking for. "I'll try," she goes. Up and down like every man around. I'm only preaching what you knew. The awful feeling when you lie. It takes the joy out of my soul, and puts the hate back in my eye. Will anybody give me what I want? Put all my faith in God up high. This time I'm working just for love. It's the only [weeping] that I'll try. Now you're gone. How can I even try to go on? I live in fear of the dark.


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