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PIRATES (Nick Thorkelson) Peter Tork Also recorded by: James Lee Stanley Listen up alla you pirates, You buccaneers and such, Take a sad warning from my sad song, And don't push your luck too much. I used to run all around town, Makin' and breakin' love. But all my runnin' didn't seem so cunnin' When push came down to shove. CHORUS: 'Cause when I came upon you, Baby, I didn't know what it was all about. 'Cause when I ran, and then I ran From true love, And then I ran Until my heart gave out. Thinkin' about those hot nights When the neighbors began to talk. I thought love was easy to get Until I took a walk. Now I'm here in a cold place Sittin' so all alone. I didn't know it could be so bad Until I quit my happy home. CHORUS And didn't it always seem that you can't keep A good man down? But when I came of age, Livin' it up was all the rage. CHORUS


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