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PRIDE AND JOY (Written by : Norman Whitfield / Marvin Gaye / Mickey Stevenson) Marvin Gaye You are my pride and joy And I just love you, little darlin' Like a baby boy loves his toy You've got kisses sweeter than honey And I work every day to give you all I know And that's why you're my pride and joy And I'm tellin' the world You're my (pride and joy) pride and joy (pride and joy) I believe I'm no (baby boy) baby boy (baby boy) But I know you're mine (pride and joy) My pride and joy (pride and joy) Yeah baby (baby boy) Yeah baby (baby boy) You, you are my pride and joy And a love like mine, yeah baby Is something nobody can ever destroy You pick me up (pick me up) when I'm down (when I'm down) And when we go out, pretty baby You shake up the whole town (whole town) And that's why (that's why) I believe you're my (you're my) pride and joy (pride and joy) (repeat and fade): (Pride and joy)x4 (baby boy)x2 (Pride and joy) My pride and joy (pride and joy) And I love you like a baby loves his toy (pride and joy)


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