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PUPPIES (Mike Heron) The Incredible String Band Even the birds when they sing It's not everything to them Fiddle-head ferns and daffodils Made me want to play To the puppies having their little breakfast So I picked up six fine strings And I began to play What I thought that new Born fur would like best Hey, hey, such a new born morn Hey, hey, the puppies they have gone Left me here holding this song Music is so much less than what you are Just how far can you take me How far can you take me, Mother Nina Before I'm on my own Don't imagine that the pretty flower can sing a song When the sun makes it's sap to rise One by one the chorus swells till it's a mighty noise Are you sure that it's not a silence? Even the birds when they sing It's not everything to them Even the birds when they sing Spread their wings to heaven and fly away. (Contributed by =Ae= - January 2009)


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