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PUTTIN' IT ON (The Boswell Sisters) recorded by - The Boswell Sisters with The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra June 15th 1933 New York Look out I'm goin', I'm tired of showin' You the right from the wrong! You make it smart, You'll be left in the dark If you keep on puttin' it on! After my preachin' And all my teachin', You're changing right along! You'd better heed, Slow up on your speed, And stop that puttin' it on! Just remember that I wasn't a fair weather friend, But listen, brother, from now on, I'll be shoutin', "I knew you when!" Your house was scratched up, Closed home and patched up, Still we got along. Can't understand how any man Could keep on puttin' on; You'd better listen and stop that puttin' it on! Remember, when we met you had nothing at all, Your money's gone and changed you around. When you haven't got it, You just wait and see, Your so-called friends'll turn you down! Look out, I'm goin', Said I'm tired of showin' You the right from the wrong! After all my preachin' And all my teachin', Why did you keep puttin' it on? I wasn't just a sunny weather friend, But brother, from now on I'm shoutin', "I knew you when!" You didn't have a dollar, Remember when I'm gone, You lost your only friend By puttin' it on! Oh-oh-oh, Oh-oh-oh, Better stop that puttin' it on! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2017)


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