RAINBOWS ALL OVER YOUR BLUES John Sebastian - 1970 I been waiting my time just to talk to you You´ve been lookin´all down in the mouth and down at your shoes Well, baby, I came to give you the news I´ll paint rainbows all over your blues I heard you been spending a lot of your time up in your room And at night you been watchin´ the dark side of the moon You don´t talk to nonody if they don´t talk to you So Buddy and me came here to sing you a tune "I give up" is all you´ve really got to say It´s time to find a new life style Cause this really ain´t the way Let´s go for a bounce on my trampoline I can show you the prettiest mountains that you´ve ever seen You better run to your closet and fish out your blue suede shoes I´ll paint rainbows all over your blues