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REGULAR MAN, A (Jeri Sullivan) as recorded by Carole Carr 1959 I want a not too tall, Not too small, A little bit strong And a little bit wrong Kind o' regular man, Just doin' what he can! I want him not too round, Not too square, Not too sound, A little savoir faire Kind o' regular man, Just doin' what he can! I'm not so hard to please, I'm a pretty easy going kinda not too particular gal, But one thing I know, He must be completely mine And confidentially, He's gotta be essentially - A regular guy with plenty of sense, But not "know it all", 'cause that's an offence! Not too rough and ready, Not too spick and span, One who'll love me steady, One who'll understand What I really want is just a regular man, Just doin' what he can! All I want is just a regular man! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2017)


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