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REMEMBERING THE GOOD Bill Anderson It's funny but I don't remember one thing you and I ever fought about I know you used to look at me with the coldest eyes And speak to me with the sharpest tongue But even that's hazy now you know what I do remember The warnth of your lips when we'd kiss And make up the softness of your body When you'd snuggle up close to me and say baby I'm sorry And I'm lyin' here tonight remembering the good Needing to hold you wishing I could Listening to your laughter echo through my mind Forgetting the bad times remembering the good I thought I'd never forget how the door sounded When you used to slam it and walk out but I have forgotten And yet I can almost hum the tune it played When you opened it and come back in Funny all I can remember is the up and in's I forgot the down and out's (Courtesy of lyrics007)


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