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REMINISCING (King Curtis) Buddy Holly Also recorded by: The Beatles, The Flaminí Groovies. Iím just sittiní here reminisciní Wondíriní who youíve been kissiní Baby, who-oh-oh baby Iíve been wanderiní all around There must be a new guy in town You donít love me any more Iíll get over you, baby, Although my heartís still sore Well you know my heartís still sore (Musical Break) When I think of all the lies you told To thet young man my heart youíve sold Your cheatiní, and the mean mistreatiní When I think of all the fun we had Kinda makes me feel so sad Aní Iím lonely, for your love And the longest day I live Itís only you that Iíll be thinkiní of You know Iím thinkiní of Well itís you Iím thinkiní of Hmm, hmm, hmmm (Contributed by Bill Huntley - September 2007)


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