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RESTLESS (Gordon Lightfoot) As recorded Gordon Lightfoot 1993 There's a kind of a restless feeling and it pulls me from within It sets my senses reeling and my wheels begin to spin In the quietude of winter you can hear the wild geese cry And I will always love that sound until the day I die. There's a plain and a simple answer to each and every quest From every quiet dancer who might be a special guest In a movie made for TV or a late night interview You might even find them on the Young and the Restless too. Do you get that restless feeling when you hear a whistle blast Like an echo from the past Of an old engine flying down a road that's iron cast. (bridge) The lake is blue, the sky is gray, the leaves have turned to gold The wild goose will be on her way, the weather's much too cold When the muskie and the old trout too have all gone down to rest We will be returning to the things that we love best. Do you get that restless yearning when you think about your dad And the scrimshaw that he had Of an old schooner rovin' 'neath a sky that's ironclad. (bridge) There's a kind of a restless feeling and it catches yuh off guard As we gaze off in the distance through the trees in my back yard I can feel the restless yearning of those geese as off they roam Then trade that for a warm bed and a place I can call home. Will you get that restless yearning when you hear the wicked blast Of a spectre from the past Of a cold diesel rolling down a road that's built to last. Still I get that restless feeling when I hear a whistle blast See an image from the past Of an old schooner flyin' down a sky that's overcast. (Transcribed by David Story - March 2013)


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