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RINGS (E. Reeves / A. Harvey) Cymarron - 1971 Ring Ring telephone ring Somebody said "Baby whatcha doing?" I've been wondering how you've been every now and then I think about you and me No use fighting 'bout things we can't recall it don't matter now at all baby come on home and maybe we'll laugh and sing we'll make love, and let the telephone ring Ring Ring doorbell ring Baby come on in, I got James Taylor on the radio I'm glad you came around Been feeling down talking to Tony and Mario You know they make good conversation Still it ain't no consolation Baby I got love And maybe I'll give you some and if somebody comes, we'll let the doorbell ring Ring Ring golden ring Around the sun, around your pretty finger Ring Ring let the voices ring with a happy tune anybody can be a singer The sun comes up across the city I swear you never looked so young and pretty Hand in hand We'll stand upon the sand with the preacher man Let the wedding bells ring and let the telephone ring and let the doorbell ring (Contributed by Carlene Bogle - July 2002) (Corrections by Steve Gilmore - December 2002)


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