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RIO BRAVO From the movie "Rio Bravo" (Paul Webster / Dimitri Tiomkin) (1959) Dean Martin Also recorded by : Mario Cavallero; City of Prague Philharmonic Orch.; Hollywood Studio Orch.; Ned Nash Orch. (Choir: Rio Bravo, humming) By the river Rio Bravo I walk all alone, And I wonder as I wander by the river Where my love has flown, All the birds in the cottonwoods above her Know I love her, know I care, But my dreams, like the songs, she sang in Spanish, Seem to vanish in the air; I wonder where, So I wonder as I wander, Will love come along, Must I live ever haunted By the mem'ry of a song, While the river Rio Bravo flows along. (Choir: Rio Bravo, Rio Bravo) While the river Rio Bravo flows along. (Choir: Rio Bravo). (Contributed by Ferda Dolunay - July 2005)


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