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ROCK MUSIC (Lyrics: Craig Chaquico, Jeannette Sears / Music: Craig Chaquico) - 1979 Jefferson Starship Rock n roll is good time music Rock n roll is good time music Mama said be a doctor son But a voice said follow the music Papa said be a lawyer boy But a voice said follow the mu' 'Cause you know you're not doin for the money You're doin it just for the thrills You don't do it for money, boy So thank the Lord rock keeps payin the bills Rock n roll is good time music (repeat twice) You may think that life aint no laughing matter And go right on a talkin all your intellectual chatter Well all that jivin, it ain't true So let's just push on through Rock n roll to stay alive Rock n roll will survive Sneakin Monica out after the prom You know I didn't get her back, people 'Till just before dawn Outside we were creepin Inside everyone was sleepin Goodness gracious! That's rock n roll! Rock n roll is good time music (repeat three times) (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - January 2003)


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