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ROUND THE BEND OF THE ROAD (M) John Klenner (L) Sam Lewis As recorded by: Jack Hylton & His Orchestra V. Pat O’Malley Recorded 12th October 1932 Also recorded by: Paul Robson Gracie Fields Eric Von Veeren Cavan O’Connor There’ll be no more pickin’ no more choosin’ No more winnin’ and no more losin’ No more askin’, an’ no refusing’ Round the bend of the road There’ll be green, green pastures, nothing’ weedy Blue, blue heaven for the needy Dark, dark shadows just for the greedy Round the bend in the road Those with something’, they got nothing’ Yet they’re humble and nice We with nothing’, have got something’ Acres of patadise Well there’s no more mowin’, no more ploughin’ No more grumblin’. no more rowin’ No more scrapin’, and no more bowin’ Round the bend of the road. (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley -February 2013)


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