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SAD LOOKIN' MOON (Written by Randy Owen / Teddy Gentry / Greg Fowler) Alabama I thought that you could fly, I thought that you had wings I guess that I believed you'd never say goodbye But my world stopped turnin' 'round, the stars turned upside down It knocked me to the ground on my knees Chorus: Now there's a sad lookin' moon shinin' down on me There's a sad lookin' sky as far as I can see I always believed and I thought the stars could see But there's a sad lookin' moon shinin' down on me I shared with you my dreams, I gave you everything I opened up my heart and I gave you my ring Well I spent days and nights just thinkin' about the time When you would be mine all my life Chorus There's a sad lookin' moon A sad lookin' moon There's a sad lookin' moon Shinin' down on me


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