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SAY GOODBYE SOLDIER BOY from 1951 film "Hotel Sahara" (Benjamin Frankel as Ben Bernard (m) Harold Purcell (l) 1951) Yvonne De Carlo with Norrie Paramor & his Orchestra (film soundtrack) Say goodbye soldier boy, I'll be thinkin' about you, I'll be lonely without you. I'll have nothing to do, Nowhere to go, No-one to make my heart beat! Bon voyage soldier boy, What's the good of delaying? Tell the trumpet to blow, Why don't you go? Why does it make me feel this way To say goodbye? Think of me now and then When you're over the ocean, Where I haven't a notion! In some faraway clime Have a good time, Even though I'm not with you! When you dance, in your arms Holding somebody tightly, Don't feel bad about me. You can go free, Just let there be A memory of me for you! Bon voyage mon ami, >From this moment we're parted, I'm right back where I started! I've got no-one to kiss, No-one to love, No-one to hold me, no no! Say goodbye soldier boy, I'll be thinkin' about you, I'll have nothin' to do, Nowhere to go, No-one to thrill me, no no no! And so adieu, bon chance, goodbye! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2015)


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