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SENTIMENTAL ORIENTAL NIGHTS (L. Wolfe Gilbert / Anatol Friedland, 1917) Oh, those Oriental Nights, Silver lining in the sky, Golden shadows drawing nigh; Oh, those oriental lights, Sentimental eyes are beaming, dreaming with delight! I bask in your wonderful smile, I ask for your love all the while, Let's roam the wildwood, As in our childhood, Rapture and joy to be-witch and beguile; Roses of love fill the air Sweet scented perfume so rare Life's golden treasure, Love without measure, Here 'mid the Oriental Nights. Nightbirds are crooning in the dark, Harken unto the meadowlark; He knows who goes sweet-heart! Oh, those Oriental nights, Silver lining in the sky, Golden shadows drawing nigh; Come, love, linger in my arms, In abandon gaze into my eyes, Be my paradise, 'Neath these wondrous skies of love.


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