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SHAKE HANDS WITH A MILLIONAIRE (Jack Scholl / Irving Bird / Max Rich 1933) as recorded by Arthur Tracy 1930's It was there on the corner where I first saw him, Clothes all tattered, a hat as battered on head. When I asked him if I could do something for him, He just smiled his thanks, then he said; Walking down the street in ragged clothes is not a joke, People point me out and call me "beggar" 'cause I'm broke, But there' one little lad and he calls me "dad", Shake hands with a millionaire! Let the others have their fancy food and dine with wine, I can always feast my eyes upon that kid of mine. I have one xxxx? share and someone to care, Shake hands with a millionaire! I'm rich with sunshine that his smiles and kisses have brought me, His eyes are little gems that sparkle with joy. There's nothing in this world that gold could have brought me To take the place of you, my laddie boy! What if I'm a beggar and who cares what people say, Who knows, but tomorrow I might see a better day. Though I'm not worth a sou to xxxx? my xxxx?, Shake hands with a millionaire! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - June 2017)


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