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SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE! (Bobby Adams / Bobby Stevenson) Jackie Wilson - 1963 Also recorded by: Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes; Tony Rivers & The Castaways. Come on and shake awhile Come on and drive me wild Get out and on the floor Shake it out til your feet get sore, yeah cmon baby drive me crazy come around now Hey, when you begin to move You put me in a dancin groove I want to jump and shout Were actually workin out, yeah cmon baby drive me crazy ahhhh-righ Yeaaaah, girl youre lookin good Youre lookin like I know you could Youre really knockin em dead You got me talkin out of my head, yea-ah cmon baby drive me crazy work it out mama, ahhhh-right Cmon Shake it up, now Do the twist now woman Mash them potatoes Ahhhh, youre lookin good Like I know you could Skippin cross the floor Ahhhh, youre hot Talk to me mama Why not all night long Yeah baby shake, shake, shake Yeah, twist-twist-twist shake, shake, shake Twist, twist, twist shake, shake, shake Twist, twist, twist shake, shake, shake Cmon woman fade


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