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SHE'S DANCING HER HEART AWAY (L. Wolfe Gilbert / Kerry Mills, 1914) Who is that beauty that's right over there, Dancing with, so much emotion Wonderful eyes and such beautiful hair, Do you think that she's all devotion? Just look at that smile on her face, The truth is, it's much out of place for Melody seems to enchant her each night, Healing a heart that was broken, Dancing just seems to make everything right, Grief that has never been spoken. It's often that you heard them say, "If you dance, the fiddler you pay," for She'd only one of many Who's dancing her heart away, Each smile is a hidden tear drop, She's acting like in a play, There's many a dance dancing, Though she may seem happy and gay, Her heart it has yearned for a love that was spurned, She's dancing her heart away.


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